What is Miverse Multiverse?

Miverse is a community-driven platform where game makers and content creators can monetize assets, gaming experiences, and entertainment content in a multiverse metaverse on the Cardano blockchain. Miverse multiverse will be a gamer-centered metaverse that directly serves 3.5 billion gamers in the mainstream industry. Who wants games with great stories, high-quality graphics, and enjoyable experiences.










1. Choose Where to Live

Miverse multiverse is a combination of a thousand 3D metaverses with planets and high-quality 3D space games. 


Hundreds of star systems with thousands of planets in Miverse for your choice.
Every star system has different graphic concept. Don't want to live in a world of magic? Let move to machine world to live.


Thousands of planets with thousands of lands & space stations to build-to-earn.
Having lands can help you to farm better, a space station can help you become rich by renting in Star Wars.


Every star systems have its own government to control its economy, resources, citizen...
A star council is a round table of representors of its 3 groups including investors, citizens, and the army defense for it.

2. Train Your own Crews

To join our massively multiplayer online 3D game with million players, you must train your crews


8 types with thousand distinct characters that have different skills for your choice.
Each character has its own distinct skills to help you advance in a battle or living activities in star systems.


4 types of ships to help diversify the battle strategy to conquer star systems with your guild.
You will customize your ships so that will make it different from other hundreds of thousands of ships in Miverse.


Practicing, character leveling up, and upgrading ships are what you need to prepare for wars.
Playing mini-games in planets will maximize earning xp! Farming in your homeland will earn more materials to upgrade ships.

3. Make Life Multiplanetary

Life is not just in Earth, in Solar System. Explore new world with your friends


Make a guild with at least 3 members then send troops to other star systems to conquer it.
Doing guild quests will not just upgrade your guild level, but also receive rare items and materials for your crews.


Engaging in our massively multiplayer online spaced game with millions of players at a time.
Each star system has its own advantage in resources and economy. Control it to take advance your guild and crews.


Make more allies for conquering more star systems to get more profit from them.
Farming/ Mining in allies territories will be less tax and receive more resources than in enemy zones - fewer resources and more danger.

Activities in Miverse Platform

Why Miverse make an impact
on the Cardano ecosystem?
  • Sustainable, stable, loyal & healthy gamers – not short term play-to-earn gamers in the current industry that easily leave and ruin the games by FOMO
  • Increasing quickly the number and the diversity of game ideas, open sources, and creative content in the Cardano ecosystem. By encouraging game makers, ecosystem developers, and content creators to engage develop Miverse widely.
  • Attracting long-term investors with interesting DeFi, GameFi concepts & models with DAO.
  • Unbeatable, stable, sustainable, unlimited scalable DeFi model for investors who want to lower risks to their money.
  • We will dedicate ourselves to research, developing, and experimenting with scaling solutions. That will not only for us but the Cardano ecosystem.
Target's Personas
& Benefits

Different from most other crypto games & metaverse. Miverse multiverse is a high-quality gaming metaverse that only serves sustainable target users. We don't want to rush and then die soon like other low-quality NFT games when serving short-term users. That also means providing a good benefit model to users is one of our most important disruptive strategies in business development.

Technical – Proposal link$137,417
Art – Proposal link$91,400
Comic – Proposal link$46,673

Please check the detailed roadmap & budget estimation here >>> 

Implementation Mobile & PC29.9Man-month$3,000$89,700
Implementation Backend14.38Man-month$3,000$43,140
Implementation Portal10.46Man-month$3,000$31,380
Implementation Artist33.48Man-month$3,000$100,440
Implementation Market & Blockchain
Game Design Document13.23Man-month$3,000$39,690
Unit Test0Man-month$3,000$0
Basic Design8.82Man-month$3,000$26,460
Detailed Design17.64Man-month$3,000$52,920
Integration Test35.29Man-month$3,000$105,870
System Test11.03Man-month$3,000$33,090
Support UAT4.41Man-month$3,000$13,230
TOTAL FOR GAMING & ART209.01Man-month$3,000$627,030
COMIC $140,018

* Marketing Cost will be calculate at the beginning of QIII – 2022

  • We can run these proposals independently if being only funded one of them. But the gameplay development proposal is one of the most important. Please prioritize support it.
  • In case, we will be only funded for the gameplay development proposal, and not for the art concept proposal. We will pay for the art concept development cost with our money and keep running it on time.
  • As the same with the comic proposal, whether funded or not it will be run. But not, it will be fewer chapter delivery each month.

So, please support all of these proposals to boost the deliverables of the whole project better. 

Our Team

Our Video in Fund 8

These 5 minutes videos will help to clarify about info that we provided in our proposals in Fund 8 of the Catalyst project. 

Key Metrics (Fund 8)
  • Number of active user on demo
  • Number of member in discord server
  • Total users of play-to-earn gamers
  • Total users play-to-entertain gamers
  • Number of CNFTs made
  • Total followers in social channels
  • Number of asset design made
  • Number of CNFTs made
  • Number of content made for asset – every asset has its own stories
  • Total value of assets be traded
  • Total reaction in social to asset’s designs
  • Number of views to comic series on other comic platforms
  • Number of views to comic series on Miverse
  • Number of user register to Miverse through comic
  • Number of comment, like, interaction to Miverse comic platform
  • Number of user subscribe to comic series on Miverse
  • Number of user watching comic & also a gamers
  • Number of user that doing comic quest for Miverse game

* The scope of this fund is Q.II – QIII, 2022


We spent about 1,200 hours for building the idea and business model. 

QIV, 2021

  • Business Ideation (Done)
  • Market research (Done)

QI, 2022

  • Business model of Miverse (Done)
  • Brand & strategic vision in 5~10 years (Done)
  • Business plan in phase 1&2 (Doing)
  • Setting up basic info of Miverse in fundraising platforms (Doing)
  • Comic ideation and brainstorm season idea to fit with Miverse development (Doing)
  • Initiate landing page and docs site for project (Done)
  • Raise funding at Catalyst (Doing)
  • Developing the story idea for 1st phase (Doing)
  • Seeking more HR for adapting and risk control the roadmap before starting in 1 month after the fund is finished
  • Partnerships(Doing)
  • Comic production team up (Done)
  • Brand design
  • Social media channels & community of Miverse (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Medium…)
  • Raise funding at Catalyst 2nd time
  • Tokenomic development
  • Litepaper development
  • Game document development & finish for chess game
  • Finish Art concept & direction for the whole Miverse
  • In-game assets design 2D & 3D
  • UX/UI design
  • Miverse web portal
  • Setting up the fundamentals for game development
  • Back-end development
  • Front-end develop
  • Marketing by communicating and inspiring communities with our works
  • Social media channels & community of Miverse comic
  • Finish Art concept & direction for whole Miverse
  • Finish some first story chapters for demo
  • Release comic on other comic platforms
  • Developing the simple comic site in Miverse for readers can read and register
  • Organize regular communication event weekly
  • Publishing comic marketing materials weekly
  • Whitepaper
  • In-game assets design 2D & 3D
  • UX/UI design
  • Marketplace & blockchain development
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Game detail development
  • Back-end development
  • Front-end develop
  • Release the demo of the chess game on PC
  • Game testing and fixing bugs
  • Marketing to inspire the audience to engage with the game release
  • Game trailer production
  • Developing the on-chain comic platform
  • Publishing comic on the on-chain comic platform 
  • INO
  • Release the demo of the chess game on mobile
  • Game testing and fixing bugs
  • Launching marketplace for trading NFT
  • Release new feature in-game

* Please check more detail about the roadmap & timeline in each proposal & this file

KPIs (Fund 8)

About the number, in the first 3 months, we will have

  • 3 communities include play-to-earn gamers, play-to-entertain gamers, investors
  • Get 500 members in those 3 communities.
  • More than 2.000 fans & followers in social media channels
  • Youtube & social content update about our game info, tactic, graphic, artwork… 

In the scope of this proposal – 3 months, it will show some art work when finish including:

  • 20 ships with +100 ship parts
  • +10.000 NFT character design
  • 100 assets on map and items
  • 1 battlefield map

We will also use our art work for marketing, so we will:

  • Publishing art work by streaming or video clip in our youtube channel twice a week
  • Attract 100 subscribe to youtube channel 

In the scope of 3 months of Q.III 2022, this proposal will:

  • Produce 12 episodes
  • Attract 5.000 views to the comic on various comic platforms
  • Attract and build a comic community with 300 members 


The overall successful picture of this phase is that people will spread the Miverse as its positioning is a “real entertainment place for gamers” around the internet.

Track & Trace tools for Fund 8 >>